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Rodeo Scholarships

College rodeo scholarships are available for those students who not only have an interest in college but also enjoy the thrill of participating in the various rodeos held across the United States. A relatively popular sport, especially in the southern and Midwestern portions of the US, there are many organizations which give out financial awards. These college rodeo scholarships are available from national organizations such as the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association or even regional groups like the Texas Tech Rodeo Association. Colleges around the country who maintain active rodeo teams often provide athletic scholarshipsto students who join the team or participate in various events. When it comes right down to it, students who are interested in a rodeo scholarship have a number of opportunities available to them, especially if they are planning to attend school in the south or Midwest.

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association offers multiple scholarships for rodeo every year to students interested in going off to college. Eligibility for each of these six different programs varies depending on the athletic scholarship. The John J. Smith Graduate Program rodeo scholarship is the first of these programs and gives out $2,000 awards to varying number of students. Applicants will need to be currently enrolled in a graduate program and be members of the NIRA. Applications must be turned in no later than June 1.

Another NIRA rodeo scholarship is the Harry Vold Duke of the Chutes Scholarship program which gives out a single $2,500 award. Applicants will need to be NIRA members, be working actively towards a degree, be able to show real passion for the rodeo and display some level of personal characteristics similar to Harry Vold. Applications must be turned in no later than May 30.

A direct rodeo scholarship from the NIRA is also available every year as well which gives out multiple $1,500 awards. Applicants will need to have at least a 3.0 grade point average, be able to demonstrate financial need, be members of the NIRA, and be active in rodeo activities. The deadline for this program is May 30.

Fourth in the list of athletic scholarships for rodeo is the Nothing’ But Try award. This program gives out a single $2,500 rodeo scholarship along with three additional $500 amounts. Applicants will need to be currently active in the rodeo scene and be members of the NIRA. All materials are due by May 9.

Looking now to yet another NIRA rodeo scholarship, the Rawhide Rodeo Athletes on Wellness program gives out two $500 awards every year. Applicants to this program will need to be active in the NIRA, have a strong academic history, display a history of exceptional personal characteristics, be involved in community service and always be interested in doing their best at the rodeo. Applications to the Rawhide Rodeo Athletes on Wellness program will need to have their materials turned in no later May 30.

The sixth and final NIRA rodeo scholarship given out is the ProRodeo Hall of Fame program which gives out a varying number of $1,000 awards every year. Students will need to be associated with a college which participates actively in agricultural or rodeo programs and the applicants should have their education focused on agricultural learning. All applications will need to be turned in by November 1.

Colleges in the south or Midwestern United States are a great place to look for college rodeo scholarships. Texas Tech University offers eight different athletic scholarships for rodeo of unspecified amounts every year. Few details are available publicly, and students will only need to fill out a single application in order to apply for the available programs. All assigned winners will be selected based on financial need, academic merit, and their work in the Tech Rodeo. While the deadlines for these programs have pass for 2011, students should watch for 2012 for new applications.

Colorado State University’s Rodeo Team also provides rodeo scholarships through the Mike Cervi Memorial Scholarship Fund. This program awards four to five $3-4,000 rodeo scholarships every year to students who are attending CSU and are part of the rodeo team. Application materials must be turned in no later than March 1 every year.

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