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The study of sports management has become a high demand field of study in many universities. Studying in this field can lead to many career paths related to sports and athletics such as: event planning, sports finances, and a sports agent. It is a very expensive one and thus, if a student looks around they can find opportunities to win a variety of sports management scholarships and/or bursaries.

When researching your options for sports management scholarships and grants, it is best to check out the colleges you plan on attending. Athletes or other sports figures will reconnect with their alma maters and create an academic scholarship in their name and donate money in the thousands to help with the funding. There might also be scholarships for sports management awarded that are sponsored by companies and some private organizations.

Below is a list of such examples of Sport Management Scholarships that can be obtained if you do a little bit of research:

Ohio State University
Ohio State University provides a sports management scholarship that is well-known to students called the Ted Coates Scholarship Fund. It was created in 1975 by Dr. Edward Coates who originally founded the Sports Management Program as well as programs in Educational Services and the School of Physical Activity at Ohio State University. It was designed for those students who are studying in graduate sports management programs. At least $25,000 total has been provided for this SM scholarship. While the award amount to individuals is not reported, it’s still a worthy scholarship to pursue.

Barry University
Barry University, located in Florida, is considered one of the top schools for those students with great academic records who wish to study in their field of choice, including sports management. The scholarships in sports management offered are based on academic performance as well as federal grants that can also be obtained. More information on this can be obtained on the Barry University website.

Columbia College “Make a Dent” Sports Management Scholarship
Columbia College in the city of Chicago, IL offers a scholarship for sports management that is open to any full time student looking to pursue their studies in sports management. It is awarded based on academic performance and financial need. They call this one the “Make a Dent Scholarship” because the payment for this scholarship is one of the highest in the country: $5,000. The application deadline for this is in May of each year. The number of students receiving this degree is undetermined but always available.

Dorothy Harris Endowed Scholarship
The Dorothy Harris Endowment Scholarship is given to women wishing to study sports management through the Women’s Sports Foundation. It is offered to any female who is a naturalized American citizen or a legal resident studying in the sports management field at a university. It was named after Dr. Dorothy Harris, who fought for a woman’s right to have an equal opportunity to participate in sports. It took her many years to achieve this. The average amount awarded is a little over $1,000. The deadline date for application is December 31 of each year. While there might be at least 15 applications submitted, 1-3 awards are given out annually.

The Institute for Sports Management
The Institute for Sports Management offers sports management scholarships as well as others to members who are enrolled at an institution that is supported and approved by based on their athletics and sports management programs. It offers the ISM Pathways Salary Subsidy Scholarship in which employers are funded to help and sponsor an employee seeking study in a sports management program. The employment of the candidate can be full-time, part-time, or on a contract basis. The candidate must submit a CV, a letter of intent, a letter of support by the employer, and two references. The ISM also offers another sports management scholarship called the ISM Pathways Additional Study Scholarship in which it provides assistance to those prospective students who wish to enhance their students in the sports management field or something related to it. Those wishing to get an Additional Study Scholarship should discuss the benefits, study commitments, and scope of the sports management curriculum before applying. The candidate must submit an outline of the sports management study program interest, the total costs of the program in which the SM scholarship is sought for, at least 2 references, a letter outlining goals and future related to sports management. The amount awarded through these two scholarships for sport management sis based on need and the number applicants and with awarded numbers undetermined.

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