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Golf Scholarships

Golf scholarships for golfing students are a great way to help finance college today especially if students are participating on their high school golfing team. Students from many different backgrounds need access to financial aid, and those students who have displayed a strong athletic history are no exception. While there are scholarships available for students who have played many different sports, one of the categories that can be overlooked by some future college students is that of golf.

Scholarships for Golf are designed for students who have a history playing the sport and have joined teams on official leagues, or have spent a number of years working with golf professionals through caddying. It cannot be denied that these golfing scholarships should be considered by any student with an interest in the sport and have displayed a keen passion for it over time. There are many different programs available,  so students should take their time to see what they may be eligible for and, once they have sorted this out, consider applying to as many as they can to better maximize their potential for financial aid.

Many of these programs are going to look not only at financial need but more merit based metrics such as involvement in the sport, capability to perform, and ongoing interest. Keeping this in mind, interested students should be able to put their best foot forward when applying by maintaining participation in golf and being able to write up their interests in a unique or compelling way.

One of the best college golf scholarships available is the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship which fully covers tuition and living expenses for up to four years. Because of the amount of aid offered to students, this golf scholarship is highly competitive so every applicant should read the eligibility requirements carefully to better understand how best to represent themselves in their applications. Financial need and strong academic marks will have to be demonstrated by all applicants, but this is only one element which will help set you apart from other students. Each applicant for this college scholarship in golf must have caddied for at least two years and be sponsored by the golf club they work for. This does mean that students will have to do more than be there to perform the job – a club that sponsors a student will want to be able to show that their applicant has performed well in their caddie role and gone above the basic requirements of the work. Further, students must be able to show strong personal characteristics through integrity and leadership roles, so applicants will want to step up to new responsibility as often as they can handle it.

While golf is often imagined as a man’s sport, 23% of the people who have received a Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship are women, so women should never shy away from either the sport of golf or its related golf scholarships in general. This program requires that applications be postmarked no later than the month of September with all supporting material being submitted by October.

Many golfing scholarships exist and often these programs rotate around having participated in the sport as a caddie. Like the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship, the Platt Caddie Scholarship is offered on similar terms for those who have served at least one season as a caddie. Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need and a clear passion for the sport. Like many college scholarships for golf, this particular program requires that all students who win an award continue an active participation in golf and that they maintain an active interest. Any student who has been caddying but does not hold a real interest in continuing this work should sincerely consider not applying to these programs, as failing to follow this latter requirement may result in them paying back a portion or all of the received aid.

The Platt Caddie Scholarship offers up to $6,600 dollars to those selected for the program and applications are due no later than April 25, 2011. Students who have a continued financial need after their first year are encouraged to renew their applications. As always it is necessary for all applicants to provide the best view of themselves to the selection committee as possible, so be sure to be as involved in the sport as you’re able to while keeping a strong academic record when being strongly considered for any and all golf scholarships.  Scholarships for golfing can make college a whole lot more fun then you thought it would be!

*Have a solid back up plan while looking for athletic scholarships.

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