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Baseball Scholarships

If you’re a great baseball player, then a baseball scholarship is an easy way to finance your college education. Baseball scholarships are more plentiful than other types of sports scholarships, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get one. Naturally, there are more high school students playing baseball than say tennis, so there will be more scholarships for baseball. If you think you’re an excellent baseball player, and you show potential to a college scout, then you may end up with an offer for a full ride scholarship for baseball. You should know that every Division I school is granted about 14.5 full ride scholarships per year, meaning that less than one thousand baseball scholarships are handed out every year, making this a very competitive scholarship. Let’s see how you can get baseball scholarships

You have to show astounding baseball skills and be at the top of your game. Obtaining a scholarship for baseball is also a lot more complex than simply doing well on the field and hoping to get noticed. There are other steps that need to be taken when trying to obtain a baseball scholarship. These steps are outlined below:
1. Attend a nationally known baseball high school. Believe it or not, the high school you attend can have a major impact on your chances of receiving scholarship offers. You should try to attend a high school that has a reputation for having a great baseball team that regularly goes to state and nationals. This is the one way you can be sure you’ll get noticed and have a shot at receiving a baseball scholarship.
2. Exemplify your skills on the field. If you’re a great baseball player naturally, make sure you give your best ability every time you’re on the field. It helps to have advanced warning to know if a scout is going to be at your next game. If you know a scout is going to be in attendance, you need to try your absolute hardest and show you have what it takes to make it in college. You may think you’re good, but in reality there are thousands of talented high school baseball players and only a fraction of them receive a athletic scholarship in baseball.
3. Be proactive. Being good on the field isn’t enough to receive a college baseball scholarship. You need to have other activities mixed in and you need to be outgoing and proactive when it comes to getting a scholarship. Show the scouts that you’re a well-rounded player by doing community service, volunteering somewhere, or obtaining a part time job. You also need a good GPA to receive a baseball scholarship, so you can’t focus all of your time on practicing baseball.

Below are examples of community scholarships that aren’t full ride and only award part of the tuition money needed to attend college. Since they don’t offer a full baseball scholarship, they are generally easier to obtain than official NCAA scholarships.
• Bobby Sox Scholarship Program – High school baseball players who have been participating in the Bobby Sox program for at least five years are eligible for this scholarship. It is awarded to both males and females who show great performance on the field and exemplary work off the field. Scholarship awards range from $100 – 2500, and the deadline is usually in the spring.
• Walter Byers Scholarship Program – This athletic scholarship is awarded to one male and one female each year who show exceptional baseball ability, academic ability, and show a passion and desire for learning. This baseball scholarship is full ride, meaning it covers the entire cost of college for four years, making it very competitive. The deadline is January 28th.

Obtaining college scholarships for baseball can be very competitive, but the end reward is always great. You need to show great skills both on the field and off the field. You need to be active in your community and show the desire to learn and excel in academics and baseball itself.

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