May 192011


NCAA Scholarships

NCAA scholarships for sports students are available for those who have been actively involved in their school’s athletic program and show a dedication to education. The National Collegiate Athletic Association offers several NCAA college scholarships itself giving funding at different levels from full rides to smaller programs designed to simply help offset the general cost of college. Regardless of the size of the award, students who are active athletes and involved in a school which is a member of the NCAA should sincerely consider a NCAA scholarship as any amount of aid is better than none. The smallest NCAA athletic scholarship award is $6,000 meaning that, while not as big as other programs, the assistance is still going to be high. Students who are not athletes themselves but are interested in working in a field which deals with athletes as part of its primary duties will also be eligible for at least one of the NCAA sports scholarships. Beyond the regular NCAA scholarships offered the organization also has two different programs available to students who have otherwise exhausted the extent of financial assistance. The mix of awards available, the number of applicants selected every year and the amount of money given out make these programs extremely attractive.

Undergraduate NCAA scholarships are given out every year to students from Division I and II schools. These programs are oriented towards athletics and while academics are important, they will not be the primary focus of the awards. In order to be eligible for an undergraduate NCAA college scholarship students are going to need to be able to become an athlete at a member school. The NCAA website has a list of applicable schools and as they are too numerous to list here students should check directly at the website. Eligibility for becoming an athlete who is eligible for undergraduate scholarships, students will need to have graduated from high school, complete 16 credits at a Division I school or 14 at a Division II, maintain a qualifying grade point average, have received a decent score on the ACT and become certified through the organization. Once these basic qualifications have been passed students will be able to apply for athletic NCAA scholarships. There are many such programs available through individual schools and students should apply carefully.

Those students who are not going for a direct athletic NCAA scholarship will be able to apply for a number of various programs including the Jim McKay Scholarship Program which focuses on sports journalism. In order to be eligible for this program students will need to have a 3.5 minimum grade point average, have competed in athletic varsity groups at NCAA schools, be enrolled at a NCAA member school, have an interest in a degree relating to communications and have operated in leadership roles. This NCAA scholarship gives out multiple $10,000 awards every year. The deadline for this program is January 28 of every year.

The Walter Byers Postgraduate NCAA Scholarship Program provides $24,000 a year to two new students on a two year basis which is renewable should their post graduate education continue. All applicants to this NCAA scholarship will need to have at least a 3.5 grade point average, have competed in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA school, be a graduating senior from a NCAA member school, be applying to a graduate program, be able to show leadership qualities and be willing to attend full time. Applicants must be nominated by a faculty representative of the NCAA and all materials must be turned in no later than January 28 of every year.

The Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Postgraduate NCAA College Scholarship provides financial assistance to minorities and women who are interested in entering a profession which works with athletes. This NCAA scholarship provides (23) $6,000 scholarships every year to winners of the award. In order to be eligible for this program, students will need to be seeking admission in a post graduate program which will directly help them in finding a job in intercollegiate athletics, be United States citizens, and have received distinctive honors at their undergraduate institution. The deadline for this program is December 2 of every year.