Track and Field Scholarships

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track and field scholarships

Track and Field Scholarships

Track and field scholarships for athletics may be hard to come by, even if you are a student applying through the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA). There are, however, a number of programs available for students from regional and local organizations if they know where to look. This is true as well with regards to a couple national organizations. All in all, Track and Field has a decent amount of financial aid support for students who show a strong dedication to the field and are interested in pursuing the sport at the collegiate level.

National Track and Field Scholarships

Students interested in getting access to track and field scholarships for college should consider looking at national organizations, but especially at the local or regional groups through which high school students generally compete. Organizations such as USA Track and Field, which has local chapters in a lot of areas, are a great place for students to start their track and field scholarship for athletics search.

Some national organizations, such as VIS for students in Australia, are interested in funding education for student athletes. The VIS program gives out athlete scholarship money to not only aid them in their overall education but be able to afford attending the Victorian Institute of Sport from which many Olympic athletes in Australia have emerged. Students interested in the VIS program will need to be Australian citizens and be members of Athletics Victoria. All applicants will be expected to be eligible for competing at the national level. Application materials must be turned in no later than October 15.

Track and Field Scholarships from Colleges

After finding what they need through these groups, students still in need of financial aid should consider looking through the colleges they plan to attend. A number of colleges in the United States fund track and field scholarships of their own. Those students who are in dire need of financial aid may even want to consider limited their options of school to those which provide additional financial aid for college athletes participating in track and field.

Regional Track and Field Scholarships for College

A regional organization supporting track and field scholarships comes from the State of Delaware Government which provides support for various athletic programs. Applicants applying for the Delaware Open Cross Country Championship Scholarship must be nominated for their coach, be high school students in Delaware, have been participating members of a track program in their junior and senior years, have at least a 2.5 grade point average, and be preparing to attend full time at a two or four year school. Two different awards will be given out, one to a male and another to a female participant, each worth $2,000. Students will be assessed primarily for financial needs, but also in their relative participating and overall academic standing. Application materials must be turned in by November 5.

Another regional program giving out track and field scholarships come from Twin Cities In Motion. This program, like the Delaware State program, gives out two awards, one to a male and another to a female student. The awards amount given out to each is $5,000 and applicants must reside within the 11 country district represented by Twin Cities in Motion. Student athletes interested in this program will need to have a 3.0 grade point average, be an active participant of track and field, and be preparing to head off to college. Applications will need to be turned in by March 1.

Community Level Athletic Scholarships for Track and Field

The Community Foundation of Shelby County, Ohio, provides the Dave Mielke Scholarship Fund to students graduating from Botkins High School. Awards in the amount of $1,000 are given out depending on the amount of funding available. Students will need to have been a participant for at least two years in the track and field program, be graduating from Botkins High School and have a strong history of academic achievement. Students should also be active in their local communities. Applications are due no later than March 17.

Look Locally for Track and Field Scholarships

Other track and field scholarships for athletics exist around the country through local organizations or colleges students may be interested in applying to. Students are recommended to apply to as many local programs as they can find, and to consult with their high school guidance counselor for any program they may be missing.

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