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Volleyball Scholarships

For those students that are exceptionally talented in Volleyball, or excel at the sport, there is an opportunity to attend college by obtaining a college volleyball scholarship. The NCAA typically hands out these athletic scholarships, and private community volleyball scholarships are handed out by different organizations and businesses. Obtaining an official full ride volleyball scholarship is very hard, but it can be achieved with hard work and determination. Women have a much easier time obtaining a volleyball scholarship, simply because more schools have women’s teams versus schools that have men’s teams. Two hundred and forty seven schools have volleyball teams for females whereas only twenty-three schools have male volleyball teams.

Make no mistake, getting a volleyball scholarship is very competitive and a tough road. For starters, obtaining a scholarship in volleyball will be easier if you’re a woman because there will be more schools offering these sport scholarships, but keep in mind there will be more applicants too. The first and most obvious thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have exceptional performance in the game of volleyball. No school is going to offer you a scholarship for volleyball if you have a average performance in volleyball, no matter what your GPA is or your financial need. Second, you need to have strong academics in addition to showing promise in the sport itself. If you’re the world’s best volleyball player, but have lousy grades, don’t expect to get too many calls in regards to potential athletic scholarships for volleyball, or any other sport.

There are two main types of volleyball scholarships available. The first, and the most desired type, is an official NCAA full ride scholarship. These scholarships are sought out because they offer four full years of college for free. The NCAA governs these college volleyball scholarships and there are a limited number available. To qualify for them, you need to have excellent skills in the game of volleyball in addition to being an outstanding student. Each division I school is only given about ten athletic scholarships to hand out each year, so competition can be fierce. The other type of volleyball scholarship is a community scholarship. This is one that isn’t governed by the NCAA and is oftentimes part ride, and less competitive. They never give out the full tuition amount, but rather a portion. You need to have great grades and perform excellent in volleyball to be eligible for a community scholarship. Companies and organizations often sponsor them.

Davis Law group Scholar Athlete Program – This scholarship fund was started by the Davis Law Group and it works to recognize outstanding student scholars in the community who excel at both sports and academics. Anybody who plays a sport while in High School is eligible for this scholarship, and volleyball is no exception. Deadline to apply for this potential volleyball award is March 1st and the stipend can range from a few hundred dollars up to $5,000.
Southampton College – LIU Academic Awards –Southampton College has been handing out LIU awards for countless years. These awards go to high school students who are great at sports but who show they can balance their athletic life with social and academic lives. Qualifications are based on your financial need, your SAT and ACT scores, GPA in high school, and your course load. Deadline for applying varies, but generally spring is the best time. This fund gives out anywhere from $5,000 all the way to full tuition. This would make a perfect college volleyball scholarship.
World Sport Chicago Scholarship – World Sport Chicago embodies the hopes and dreams of the athletes who are going to be competing in the Paralympics in 2016. This fund is setup to support the academic and athletic dreams of Chicago’s inner city youth. In addition to providing money, this other potential volleyball scholarship also provides guidance and education to help further young people’s lives. The deadline for application is usually in the springtime and the amount awarded can range anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

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