Aug 012011
wrestling scholarships

Wrestling Scholarships

Wrestling scholarships for Athletics are available from a variety of sources, but compared to some other athletic programs are not as common. Despite this, students will have some options nationally from groups like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Other options exist and are much more common at the local and regional levels. NCAA scholarships, while certainly an option, is relatively limited at the college level and there is not a single college in the United States which can field an entire team through their programs. As a result, students interested in wrestling scholarships will be well advised to seek out financial assistance from other sources.

How to get a Wrestling Scholarship

As mentioned above looking for wrestling scholarships at local and regional organizations is an excellent first step – any organization in which a student wrestler is active in with regards to their sport may be a good source of potential financial aid. After that, students should consider the college they are considering attending. Because colleges have difficulty funding an entire wrestling team through NCAA funds, it is not at all uncommon for schools to provide additional financial assistance in the form of wrestling scholarships to attract additional students. If none of these routes have worked for interested students, then the next step is to apply for more broad athletic scholarships to fill the gap remaining for their financial need.

Look towards other Athletic Scholarships for Wrestling

There are not many national scholarships for wrestling outside of the NCAA, but the Shut Up and Sweat Athletic Gear company gives out awards every year to promising athletes graduating from high school. This program awards up to three different athletic scholarships to students of $2,000. In order to be eligible for the Shut Up and Sweat awards students will need to have at least a 3.0 grade point average, have a strong history in high school athletics, and be involved in community service projects. All applications should be turned in no later than August 1 and the program is only available to students who have graduated as senior the same year as the due date.

Local and Regional Organizations for Wrestling Scholarships

Regional and local organizations are some of the best sources of wrestling scholarships. Looking at District 6 Wrestling, an organization which covers the Huntingdon, Mount Union, Penns valley, State College and Tyrone areas, several wrestling scholarships are awarded every year. In 2011 at least two different $1,000 wrestling scholarships were awarded through the PWCA and another four $250 awards were given out. Students who would like to apply to these wrestling scholarships will need to have at least a 2.0 grade point average, and are graduating seniors planning to attend a four year university. All application materials must be turned in by March 31 of every year to be considered.

Club Scholarships for Wrestling

The Coon Rapids Wrestling Club of Minneapolis provides several athletic scholarships for wrestling every year for students in the local area. These awards are given out at two different levels – the Gold and Silver Scholarships. Gold award winners will receive up to $6,000 in scholarship funding over four year or $1,500 per year while attending college. Silver award winners will get a single $1,500 wrestling scholarship. In order to be eligible for this program, students will need to be wrestling in college, be graduating from Coon Rapids High School, have a long history in the local program, have attended at least two summer camps with the group, and have attended the Fargo National tournament once during their 9-11 grade years. Decisions regarding wrestling scholarships are decided before a student graduates from high school during their senior year.

Another great local wrestling scholarship for athletes comes from the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation which gives out a varying number of awards every year to winning students. Applicants will need to be nominated by their high school coach while showing strong personal character, academic history, and community involvement. The deadline for this program is set locally by high schools which participate and students interested should talk to their high school counselor.